2 Day Training Session on Implementation of SLOs in Teaching and Learning System

SST Public School Rashidabad takes special interest in its teachers’ professional development and for the said purpose, the management, in coordination of the school teachers’ training department, schedules various in-house training sessions.

On Saturday and Sunday dated 5th & 6th November, 2022, an interactive training session was conducted by Mr. Aijaz Baig and Mr. Altaf (Master Trainers from ABILITY) on the implementation of SLOs in teaching and learning system. The first session started with an introduction of cognitive learning and its importance in the 21st century learning process. Mr. Aijaz Baig also demonstrated the concept of Students Learning Outcome (SLO) by connecting it with the learners’ mental capability to explore new ideas and concepts taught to him in any class or related to any subject. He also explicated, with the help of multiple activities, how a student experiences an upward shift from dependence or inter-dependence to independence while learning from his social interaction or environmental culture. He termed this behavioral change as ‘proximal development’. The session concluded with a brief introduction of Mr. Altaf and an amazing demonstration of math magic by him as one of the best starters for Math teachers.

On the second day, the topic of discussion was ‘dynamic teaching’ and Mr. Aijaz Baig explained how much a carefully designed question paper plays a significant role to assess students at multiple levels of learning in the form of information, knowledge, understanding and application. Teachers were given a task to design questions using a set of command words based on ‘Blooms Taxonomy’ and its different level of cognitive learning. Mr. Altaf played another Math Magic trick and surprised the audience; he also appreciated the role of management and teachers of SSTPSR for doing a fabulous job to help students learn in a conducive environment where they are treated as a person of worth.

The training sessions concluded with a commitment to work for the overall well-being of SSTIANS.

Information Technology

Information Technology

The School enjoys extensive computer facilities, housed in a dedicated suite. This comprises of three air-conditioned IT Laboratories and a Hub / Server-Room / Maintenance Workshop. To ensure that the facilities provide the students with the ideal prospects for employing the digital resources, the Layout and furnishing of the rooms is carried out to a carefully considered design put together by the IT Staff, Network Supervisor and the Administration of the school. The purpose of the IT Suite is not merely to teach the students computing skills, but also to support teaching of all subjects through in-built multimedia projectors. The labs are networked with the rest of the school, and linked to the internet through broadband wireless connection. Ample computer facilities are also available in the Library, the Language Lab, the Lecture Theatre, classrooms, boys’ residential houses and of course in the offices, staffrooms and teachers’ residences.
The IT Laboratories are also the venue for the teachers’ in-service training and professional development programs.
Courses in Computer Science and Information Technology are offered to the students in Grade 9 (Pre-Cambridge), and remain continued in IGCSE/GCE-O Level. A flourishing Computer & Robotics Club enables the boys to enjoy the creative pleasures of Information Technology.