Message from Principal

SST Public School, Rashidabad was founded for the academic training and grooming of boys aged 12-18. During this formative span of their life, the school successfully capitalizes on its pupils’ inherent potential to know themselves.

This institution is a beautiful manifestation of Sargodhians’ faith in and passion for the academic excellence of their beloved alma mater, PAF College Public School Sargodha. The school management is well au courant with the fact established by Aristotleeducating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all, and wherefore, we dedicatedly strives to actualize it through holistic academia and co-curricular & extra-curricular activities. Here, we avidly stresses upon the need of producing thinking minds with abiding interest in life around them, and ensure that these young boys are sensitive to the larger spiritual order of this world which Man is a part of. Resultantly, dynamic personality, academic eminence, disciplined mind, mental tenacity, manful resilience, ingenuity and most importantly an egalitarian outlook are the features our young students learn and develop for their life ahead.

We strongly believe in what Marian Wright Edelman says: Education is for improving the life of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it. Thus with the unique features of the school, we intently focus on breeding national harmony among our students for the wholesome progress of the country. Our spirited students are put to diverse cognitive challenges employing a heuristic approach leading to acquisition of critical thinking. We proudly say that the school teaches nothing but to take excellence as one’s master for ours is a leadership school and its motto runs: Excel to Lead.

With regard to the aforementioned, a conscious effort is made by the school management to select the boys from all corners of Pakistan. During this selection process, we make it certain that no talent goes unnoticed just for the want of finances. In a nutshell, ‘Quality is not our goal, it is our standard.’

We extend our thanks to you for visiting our school website. To receive more information about our institution, feel free to visit us; we will be looking forward to meet you.

Hats off to SOBA!

Long Live Pakistan!

Air Cdre (Retd)
Nayyar Qayum Khawja