Pakistan Navy Recruitment Session

SST Public School Rashidabad facilitated Pakistan Navy Recruitment group on 24th of September, 2020 for a career counseling sessionfor XII and XIII graders. Lieutenant Commander Kamran Ali from Pakistan Navy Recruitment and Selection Center Hyderabad conveyed a stimulating introduction for the understudies covering all themes going from the base necessities to qualification standards and sets of responsibilities.

The introduction covered Pakistan Navy’s nuts and bolts with an emphasis on its significance in exchange for ocean assistance, common force assistance, search and rescue operations, and fringe assurance. During the meeting, the vital significance of Pakistan’s coastline was also discussed with specific regard to China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Finally, the qualification basis for cadets and mariners was discussed, including the subject specifications for the various sections of the Pakistan Navy. Similarly, the enlistment and authorization strategy was also talked about with an emphasis on various occupations and instructive open doors within the Navy. With the intention that they could design and implement in the same way, the entire selection procedure was also elaborated to the attendees. It was a fruitful session where many of students’ questions were satisfactorily answered.

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