No one can lay claim to an education worth the name unless it leaves him with a sound habit of reading for pleasure. Library and Documentation Centre is central to the School life, and it is a place for conducting research-work, collecting information and updating
one’s existing knowledge. It feeds the hearts as well as the minds of our young students. In addition to the growing number of books, it has internet facility to support latest instant research.
We give our students an awareness of the fact that mastery of a library facility is an essential skill in life.



Sports help students develop healthy personalities with the capacity to remain intact and grow by learning how to test reality, regulate their impulses, stabilize their moods and focus their concentration and plan, For the team and individual sports, the school prides itself, 8 basketball courts and 8 volleyball courts, a cricket field, athletic track, assault course range, gymnastics equipment, two tennis courts, two squash courts and a swimming pool. In short period of 9 years, the school teams have achieved excellent results at the provincial and national levels. We pride ourselves on being a school with a coaching system which employs a qualified coach for each individual game, thus cultivating the professionalism as a hallmark in our students

Physical fitness through PT, aerobics and cross country runs in the morning is a regular feature of the school. The school also arranges a ‘Half’ marathon around the beautiful countryside in Rashidabad. It is the school’s Endeavour to produce students with healthy physique so that they bring honour to Pakistan when they compete in the outside world. Already, in the Sindh Games our boys won 11 medals including 3 much-coveted gold medals. Their performance was worthy enough in Sindh Regional Games to board them slots in the 31st National Games and two of them represented Sindh province in National Games held in Peshawar


To cater for the growing needs of teenage students. our school has a classical dining hall and a vibrant cafeteria in which they are served fresh and healthy food of various types throughout the week. Housed in the ‘Mensa’ building, the food menus are selected by committee consisting of students and staff.