Mehrukh Malik

Incharge Teacher's Training & Middle School
As a teacher, I have come to this experience in a decade of Teaching. It is a way for a teacher to pursue his hobby as well as to learn and teach, and a good teacher is one who knows how to get the best out of his student. I am committed to creating an environment that will inspire not only me but also my team to develop professionally and personally. And can inspire millions of lives with my words, motivation, hard work and dedication. Be able to acquire a wealth of knowledge to give and inspire. My main focus in this field is to educate the young generation in a way that is connected to their intelligence and passion. For this purpose, my passion is to guide the students in such a way that is the true meaning of education. So that they can choose the best direction for themselves. Awards and Achievements: National level Award and Certificate of Acknowledgement of “Gold Medalist and Educationist”. Skills: Public Speaking Writing Blog Certification: · Diploma in Life Coaching (Specialty in Education and Career) From the Skill Enhancement Academy (Uk) · Personality Grooming Course (Specialty in Art of Presentation) From Pakistan Air Force Finishing School, Islamabad (Punjab) · Survival Course (Specialty in Self Protection) From Pakistan Air Force Finishing School, Islamabad (Punjab) · Train the Trainer (Specialty in Public Speaking) From Qasim Ali Shah Foundation, Lahore (Punjab)