Need Based Scholarship
Scholarship Policy
SST Public School Rashidabad was the dream of SOBA (Sargodhian Old Boys’ Association), and it was actualized to achieve a truly visionary aim: provision of quality education to the children of less/under privileged families of Pakistan. To serve this purpose, SST (Sargodhian Spirit Trust) resolved to initiate need cum merit based scholarship program which is effective since the inception of
the institution.
The scholarship award is to facilitate only those students who have potential to learn, but their financial status is not strong. The grant is governed by undermentioned conditions
Selection Parameter:
The applicants, whose parents wish to apply for the grant of scholarship, must appear in Entry Test for the admission in school and come on merit set by the school management.
Verification of parents’ claim for NBS:
Amount of Need Based Scholarship (NBS) depends upon the financial status of the applicant’s family. After the applicant clears Entry Test, with the score set as merit, the documentary proof of income and expenses obtained from the applicant’s family shall be verified. In case, the required documents are not provided, it may reduce/withdraw the estimated scholarship grant.
Additionally, previous academic and extra-curricular activities’ record of the student is also considered for the scholarship grant.
Sustainability of Scholarship Award:
Scholarship grant starts from the time of joining the school and continues till the student passes out. For the continuation
of award, scholarship holder is expected to maintain a minimum aggregate of 45% in exams over the year. In case he fails to
maintain the subject aggregate, the amount of the scholarship grant shall be reduced/withdrawn. The scholarship holder is to
ensure that he maintains discipline at the school. In case of violation, the scholarship could be reduced/withdrawn during the course of the year. It may also lead to expulsion of the student from the school.