Abdur Rehman

Teacher Islamiyat
Nobody ever said: “Teaching is a piece of cake!” and you will probably never hear it either. Working day in day out, with a group of 20-30 kids from all different backgrounds and abilities, is for sure a real challenge! But there is something about teaching and those who are true teachers know it; they know they make a difference in children’s lives and embrace the daily teaching struggles that come with it. My name is Abdur Rahman. I am a teacher of Islamiyat. I always feel proud and privileged to be a teacher as teaching is a Prophetic profession. My teaching methodologies and main objectives are to inspire learning of Islamic Contents as well as implementing the same in the lives of my students with their true spirit. I treat all the students as my own children, and care for their educational and learning needs. I genuinely want to go out of my way to help them progress and succeed. I always try to be stable, calm and merciful under all circumstances. I take opportunity to connect my students with Allah SWT, His love for His creation and Religion Islam. I mention a relevant teaching of Islam during a lesson where it is relevant, and as a result, this nurtures students’ faith effectively. We love Allah SWT and His Book, so I try to make connections between Islamic teachings and everyday life in class. I also make sure that whatever I teach never contradicts with Islam. Teaching is demanding and I cannot expect appreciation. If we expect praise for all that we do, we would not be able to continue this work. Therefore, I replenish my energy level with Holy Quran and Hadith that remind me of the rewards waiting for me in sha Allah and I am happy to be one of those who know about and invite to Islam. As an Islamiyat teacher I know that my own development is crucial to be a role model for my students. I need to keep learning, improve, change, and get inspired to keep the teaching quality and desire high. Therefore, I show and share with the students that I keep studying and learning. I am a teacher, but always a student too.