17th Founders’ Day

28th January 2023

The most significant mega event of SSTPSR, Founders’ Day, was held on 28th January 2023.All the SSTians, the members of the faculty, and the support staff have been vigorously preparing for the event for almost more than one month.

The event was held in the newly built grand stadium of the school, named after one of the founding fathers of SST, Colonel Zaka.A large number of dignitaries, parents, alumni, media representatives, and other visitors attended this grand event. The chief guest of the event was the honorable member of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Muhammad Akbar Panni.

The program commenced with the recitation and translation of the sacred verses of the Holy Quran.The principal SSTPSR, Air Commodore (Retd) Nayyar Qayyum Khawja, welcomed and thanked the guests and presented a brief school report, highlighting the vision, mission, and achievements of the institution and the SSTians.

A majestic show of the general salute and the march past remained the most striking and fascinating segment of the event.The chief guest addressed the audience and expressed his deep gratitude to the Almighty who enabled the institution to come up to the dream of the founders.

The best student, the best house, the best teacher, and the best-supporting staff awards were granted by the chief guest. Karate and PT displays also remained to gain the attention and appreciation of the audience.

The program ended with a colorful medley of the folk dances of the five provinces of our beloved motherland followed by a sumptuous lunch.

The joy of the SSTians was doubled with the announcement of a long weekend of a full week.

All Sindh Qirat, EssayWriting & Seerat-un-Nabi (PBUH) Quiz Competition, 2023

In continuation with the previous conventions of SSTPSR, the All Sindh Qirat, Essay Writing & Seerat-un-Nabi (PBUH) Quiz Competition was held on Saturday,21st January 2023 in the school auditorium.

Including SST Public School, seven institutions participated in competitions of Qirat, PowerPoint Presentations, Essay Writing, both in Urdu and English and Quizzes.

The program commenced with the recitation and translation of the verses from the Holy Quran followed by the welcome address by the school head boy.

Informative and motivational clips about the life and sayings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and heart-touching naat were also a part of the program.

In accordance with the unanimous decisions of the honorable judges, Zainab of TSTACR achieved first position in the qirat competition while Huzaifa from SST Public School secured the second position.

In the PPPs competition, Dua and Areeba of TSTACR secured the first, and cadet Azra and cadet Nayab of Bakhtawar Cadet College attained the second position.

In the Urdu essay competition, Zainullah Wali of SST Public School achieved the first, and cadet Bareera of Bakhtawar Cadet College got the second position.

In the English essay writing competition, Fizza of TSTACR secured the first, and Eshaal Fatima of Hayat Girls College, Fatima Campus got the second position.

In the Seerat ul Nabi quiz competition, Aliza Tariq and Rutaba Younas of Hayat Girls College, Main Campus attained the first, and Manahil and Zainab of Hayat Girls College Fatima Campus got the second position.

As a whole, Hayat Girls College, Fatima Campus attained 71.1% marks and was awarded second position while Hayat Girls College, Main Campus attained 74.6% marks and was declared the overall winner.

The program ended with a thought-provoking address by the chief guest, Mrs. Farzana Nayyar, and a vote of thanks by the vice principal of SST Public School, Rashidabad.

Annual Mela-2022-23

Annual Mela was held on 31st December 2022 and 1st January 2023.

This mega funfair was inaugurated by Mr. Mola Bakhsh Chandio, a renowned Parliamentarian of the Pakistan People’s Party, and continued for two days.

The guests of honour for the second day were Mr. Altaf Memon, Deputy Commissioner (IR) Regional Tax Office Karachi, and Mr. Shoukat Ali Ujjain, Deputy Controller, Sindh Public Service Commission.

The annual calendar activity is held every year which provides SStians an opportunity to challenge their business skills besides getting a break from their hectic routine and refresh them for the next targets. This year, it was a continuation of the rich tradition of SSTPSR after a break of two years due to the Corona epidemic.

The colorful show of various stalls of eatables, entertainment, and other daily usage articles attracted a number of SSTians, their families, and other guest visitors.

Other than the chief guests, a number of other dignitaries also honored the occasion with their presence.

7th Climate Change Seminar 2022

Being a scheduled annual calendar activity, the 7th Climate Change Seminar was held on Saturday,4th December 2022 in SST Public School, Rashidabad.

The chief guest of the function was Dr. Riffat Sultana and Dr. Santosh Kumar Performed as the judge.

The participating teams were: Topian Spirit Trust Academic Campus Rashidabad, Govt Nazareth Girls Degree College Hyderabad, Public School Hyderabad (unit#3 Latifabad), Baqai Cadet College Karachi, Public School Hyderabad (Girls Section), Tabani’s College (North Campus), Tabani’s College (PECHS), IBA Public School Ubauro, Bahria Foundation College Naushahro Feroze, Hayat School and College – Fatima Campus, Divisional Public School & College Faisalabad and SST Public School, Rashidabad.

Research and data-based presentations, theme-based model competitions, quiz competitions, and poster competition were held.

In the research and data-based presentations, the first position was acquired by Tabani’s College (PECHS), and 2nd position by Public School Hyderabad (Boys Campus)

In the theme-based model Competitions, IBA Public School, Ubauro got the first position and 2nd position was acquired by Divisional Public School, Faisalabad

In the Poster Competition,1st position was achieved by IBA Public School Ubauro, and 2nd by Topian Spirit Trust Academic Campus, Rashidabad. In the Quiz Competition,1st position was awarded to Tabani’s College (North Campus) and 2nd position to IBA Public School, Ubauro.

Iqbal Day

To pay a humble tribute to the national poet, Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal, and to revitalize his thoughts, the 9th November 2022, Iqbal Day, was celebrated with national pride at SST Public School Rashidabad.

The function was organized in the school auditorium. The programme started with the recitation and translation of the verses from the Holy Quran.

All four houses of the school had prepared their presentations on Iqbal’s thoughts. The presentations were marked by the judges and the positions were announced.

At the end of the function, the chief guest of the occasion, the principal of SST Public school, Air commodore (Retd) Nayyar Qayyum Khawja addressed the audience with his thought-provoking words. He urged the youth to comprehend the true spirit of Iqbal’s philosophy and to practically apply it in their lives.


The regional 8th Information Technology Exhibition held on 20th November, 2022 at SST, Public School, Rashidabad. It was presided by Principal (Rtd) Air
Commodore Nayar Qayum Khawaja. The chief guest was Rasool Bux Mahar (Meritorious
Professor and Director America-Pakistan Centre for Advance Studies in Water). He appreciated the efforts of the students as well as staff. Apart from this other many renowned names were key notes in the program. Mr. Asif Khan was the E.O of the 8th IT Exhibition, 2022. In this event students managed to exhibit Digital Art as well as Programming at different stalls. There were 15 schools who participated in the Exhibition. The projects were the main exhibiting things in the Exhibition.

There were more than 50 projects that were appreciated by the visitors. When results announced; SST Public School got first position in the presentation and Bakhtawar Cadet College stood at 2nd. In the same way, the results of Programming announced in which Agha Khan Higher Secondary School (Morning Shift) stood at first and SST Public School Rashidabad got 2nd position. In the gaming technology Agha Khan Higher Secondary School got first position and Rockford A-Level Hyderabad got 2nd position. In the same results of the IT Quiz announced in which SST Public School Rashidabad continued the legacy and stood at first and Bakhtawar Cadet College got second. Bakhtawar Cadet College got first position and Agha Khan Higher Secondary School (Morning Shift) 2nd in the competition of Digital Art (Senior Category). In the Junior Category of the Digital Art SST Public School Rashidabad got first and Foundation Public School stood at 2nd. In the Exhibition of the projects Govt Girls College Nazrath got first position and Bakhtawar Cadet College remain at 2nd in the senior category. In the Junior Category Rockford O-level got 2nd position and IBA Public School Larkana got first position.

The winners rewarded with medals and cash prize in the end of the program. In the end Principal (Rtd) Air Commodore Nayar Qayum Khawaja addressed and thanked the participants, and added that it was marvelous effort by the participants and its need of time. There were 800 to 1000 participants enjoyed program with great enthusiasm. The electronic, print and social media covered the 8th IT Exhibition 2022.

Sports Gala 2022

The Sports Gala-2022 was held from 21st to 23rd November 2022 at SST Public School Rashidabad. This annual event was inaugurated by the principal of SST Public School Rashidabad, Air Commodore (Retd) Nayyar Qayyum Khawja. Four schools participated with zeal and fervor. The participants were;

  1. SST Public School Rashidabad
  2. Baqai Cadet College
  3. Cadet College Sanghar
  4. Cadet College Larkana

The Gala was featured in five sports including Cricket, Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, and Football. The annual sports gala lasted for three consecutive days during which the participants displayed a high standard of professional excellence and sportsman spirit. After three days of zeal and fervor, the last match of the football was held between SST Public School and Cadet College Larkana, in which SST won the match by 4-1. Hockey and Football were won by SST Public School Rashidabad. Cricket was won by Cadet College Sanghar and Volleyball by Baqai Cadet College. Cadet College Larkana won the Basketball. There was a Winner’s trophy based on overall performance and it was shared by SST Public School Rashidabad and Cadet College Sanghar.

Now moving towards the final ceremony, in which Commissioner Inland Revenue Hyderabad Mr. Farooq Azam Memon was the chief guest. He encouraged the youth and highlighted the importance of sports in schools. His articulated words were physical fitness, tolerance, solidarity, and the culture of the nation based on the sportsman spirit.

The principal of SST Public School thanked all and distributed shields and awards among the winners accompanied by the chief guest. The principal SST Public School presented souvenir to the chief guest. Later on, all the  participants presented souvenirs to the principal SST Public School Air Commodore (Retd) Nayyar Qayyum Khawja. The event ended with the slogans of Nara-e-Pakistan and the national anthem.

2 Day Training Session on Implementation of SLOs in Teaching and Learning System

SST Public School Rashidabad takes special interest in its teachers’ professional development and for the said purpose, the management, in coordination of the school teachers’ training department, schedules various in-house training sessions.

On Saturday and Sunday dated 5th & 6th November, 2022, an interactive training session was conducted by Mr. Aijaz Baig and Mr. Altaf (Master Trainers from ABILITY) on the implementation of SLOs in teaching and learning system. The first session started with an introduction of cognitive learning and its importance in the 21st century learning process. Mr. Aijaz Baig also demonstrated the concept of Students Learning Outcome (SLO) by connecting it with the learners’ mental capability to explore new ideas and concepts taught to him in any class or related to any subject. He also explicated, with the help of multiple activities, how a student experiences an upward shift from dependence or inter-dependence to independence while learning from his social interaction or environmental culture. He termed this behavioral change as ‘proximal development’. The session concluded with a brief introduction of Mr. Altaf and an amazing demonstration of math magic by him as one of the best starters for Math teachers.

On the second day, the topic of discussion was ‘dynamic teaching’ and Mr. Aijaz Baig explained how much a carefully designed question paper plays a significant role to assess students at multiple levels of learning in the form of information, knowledge, understanding and application. Teachers were given a task to design questions using a set of command words based on ‘Blooms Taxonomy’ and its different level of cognitive learning. Mr. Altaf played another Math Magic trick and surprised the audience; he also appreciated the role of management and teachers of SSTPSR for doing a fabulous job to help students learn in a conducive environment where they are treated as a person of worth.

The training sessions concluded with a commitment to work for the overall well-being of SSTIANS.

The Battle of Words: 8th All Pakistan Bilingual Declamation Contest, Oct-2022

29th October, 2022 (Saturday): Public speaking is one of the skills that receives immense rumination all over the world, and its significance for young students is beyond words. Since inception, SST Public School Rashidabad has always remained enterprising to develop this skill in its young learners, and help them hone it by providing them various platforms like inter-house, regional and national public speaking events. 

On Saturday, October 29, SSTPSR organized its 8th All Pakistan Bilingual Declamation Contest in the state of the art building of the school auditorium. 15 schools from all over Pakistan got registered for their participation including Cadet College Sanghar, Cadet College Larkana, Cadet College Pano Aqil, Bakhtawar Cadet College Shaheed Benazirabad, Tabani’s College Karachi, APS Hyderabad, City School Hyderabad, Hayat Girls College Hyderabad (Sindh), PAF Academy Risalpur, Nowshera (KPK), Sadiq Public School, Bahawalpur and (Punjab), Pakistan Navy Cadet College, Ormara and GDA Public School Gwadar Port (Baluchistan). The presence of Eng. Prof. Dr. Samreen Hussain, Vice Chancellor of Aror University of Art, Architecture and Heritage (Sindh) as the chief guest redoubled the grace of the event.

As PAF Academy Risalpur and City School Hyderabad excused for their participation, it was the battle of words between the 26 speakers from 13 institutions. The audience enjoyed a nail biting competition wherein all speakers in Urdu and English declamation performed amazingly well, and gave judges a tough time while making their judgement. However, the jury, comprising highly qualified and experienced subject specialist and public speaking experts, finally came up with the results as undermentioned:

Top 3 Speakers  In Urdu CategoryTop 3 Speakers  in English CategoryOverall Winner
Ibrahim from Sadiq Public School, BahawalpurCadet Daniyal from Cadet College OrmaraTabani’s College, North Campus Karachi
Azra Alam from Bakhtawar Cadet CollegeMaryam Rasool from Tabani’s College North Campus
Oshal Aden from Tabani’s College North CampusAbdul Moiz from Sadiq Public School, Bahawalpur

Dr. Samreen Hussain gave away shields, certificates and trophy to the position holders and winner. In her address, she admired the school management for organizing such a grand event, and also advised the young students to avail such opportunities quite religiously. The event was concluded with the vote of thanks given by Principal SSTPSR in which he urged students to develop a constructive approach towards failure which never means losing something but gaining the insight into the fact that we have to put in a little more effort and energy to achieve our goal.

In the end, the guests were served lunch, and finally they departed with some everlasting memories. The event was presided by the school head boy, Shahid Daniyal and conducted by Hassnain-e-Qadir, Muhammad, Muhammad Bilal Rind and Muhammad Sarfraz.