Sports Galla 2021

12 th Annual Sports Gala 2020-2021

The 12th Sports Gala of the session 2020-21 was scheduled at SSTPSR for two days on March 26th and 27th. The event was originally scheduled for
December 2020, but due to school closures caused by the second pandemic
wave, the school had to reschedule the event. This event was organized by SST Sports Director Mr. Deedar Ali, with the help of Senior Tech Mr. Ali
Mohammad, Mr. Arsalan, Mr. Hafeez, PTIs, and coaches who had already
trained the athletes for Inter House matches. Sports ground was buzzing with
excitement and enthusiasm. Bhitaians and Shahbazians were boosting their
players enthusiasm by encouraging them. In junior houses, HMs and AHMs of Rohal & Sachal House were actively involved in raising the spirit and

confidence of their house teams, with House Captains and Dorm Captains also
playing a significant role. The final victory was enjoyed by Shahbaz House and
Sachal House. The final victory was clinched by Shahbaz House and Sachal

Parents Teachers Meeting 2021


Parents Teachers Meeting (PTM), 2020-21

On April 1, 2021, the 3rd PTM was held at SSTPSR, following strict SOPs. Spring break had been scheduled from April 2nd to April 10th, 2021, according to the school's calendar. Keeping their social distance, several parents attended the PTM and discussed the results of their wards with the teachers. The Principal SST spoke to the parents in the school auditorium and answered the questions from the audience.


No one can lay claim to an education worth the name unless it leaves him with a sound habit of reading for pleasure. Library and Documentation Centre is central to the School life, and it is a place for conducting research-work, collecting information and updating
one’s existing knowledge. It feeds the hearts as well as the minds of our young students. In addition to the growing number of books, it has internet facility to support latest instant research.
We give our students an awareness of the fact that mastery of a library facility is an essential skill in life.

Information Technology

Information Technology

The School enjoys extensive computer facilities, housed in a dedicated suite. This comprises of three air-conditioned IT Laboratories and a Hub / Server-Room / Maintenance Workshop. To ensure that the facilities provide the students with the ideal prospects for employing the digital resources, the Layout and furnishing of the rooms is carried out to a carefully considered design put together by the IT Staff, Network Supervisor and the Administration of the school. The purpose of the IT Suite is not merely to teach the students computing skills, but also to support teaching of all subjects through in-built multimedia projectors. The labs are networked with the rest of the school, and linked to the internet through broadband wireless connection. Ample computer facilities are also available in the Library, the Language Lab, the Lecture Theatre, classrooms, boys’ residential houses and of course in the offices, staffrooms and teachers’ residences.
The IT Laboratories are also the venue for the teachers’ in-service training and professional development programs.
Courses in Computer Science and Information Technology are offered to the students in Grade 9 (Pre-Cambridge), and remain continued in IGCSE/GCE-O Level. A flourishing Computer & Robotics Club enables the boys to enjoy the creative pleasures of Information Technology.

Guest Speakers


Guest Speakers

To help the students learn from the experiences of highly successful people from different walks of life, the school regularly arranges ‘Guest Speaker Sessions’. The guests share the strategies they employed and the lessons they learnt while reaching their present position. As a result, the students seek useful pieces of advice and feel motivated and inspired to do their best for the achievement of their aims by choosing the right direction and taking right decisions for their future professions.