No one can lay claim to an education worth the name unless it leaves him with a sound habit of reading for pleasure. Library and Documentation Centre is central to the School life, and it is a place for conducting research-work, collecting information and updating
one’s existing knowledge. It feeds the hearts as well as the minds of our young students. In addition to the growing number of books, it has internet facility to support latest instant research.
We give our students an awareness of the fact that mastery of a library facility is an essential skill in life.

Information Technology

Information Technology

The School enjoys extensive computer facilities, housed in a dedicated suite. This comprises of three air-conditioned IT Laboratories and a Hub / Server-Room / Maintenance Workshop. To ensure that the facilities provide the students with the ideal prospects for employing the digital resources, the Layout and furnishing of the rooms is carried out to a carefully considered design put together by the IT Staff, Network Supervisor and the Administration of the school. The purpose of the IT Suite is not merely to teach the students computing skills, but also to support teaching of all subjects through in-built multimedia projectors. The labs are networked with the rest of the school, and linked to the internet through broadband wireless connection. Ample computer facilities are also available in the Library, the Language Lab, the Lecture Theatre, classrooms, boys’ residential houses and of course in the offices, staffrooms and teachers’ residences.
The IT Laboratories are also the venue for the teachers’ in-service training and professional development programs.
Courses in Computer Science and Information Technology are offered to the students in Grade 9 (Pre-Cambridge), and remain continued in IGCSE/GCE-O Level. A flourishing Computer & Robotics Club enables the boys to enjoy the creative pleasures of Information Technology.

Guest Speakers


Guest Speakers

To help the students learn from the experiences of highly successful people from different walks of life, the school regularly arranges ‘Guest Speaker Sessions’. The guests share the strategies they employed and the lessons they learnt while reaching their present position. As a result, the students seek useful pieces of advice and feel motivated and inspired to do their best for the achievement of their aims by choosing the right direction and taking right decisions for their future professions.

Field Trip

Every student is scheduled to go on a field trip at least twice a year. These field trips are important not only for their academics and intellectual value, but also because they provides the students with a means of recreation.

First Online IT Webinar 2020

SST Public School hosted its first ever IT Webinar on October 24, 2020, in which Agha Khan Karachi Higher Secondary School (morning shift), Agha Khan Higher Secondary School (evening shift), Nawab Shah Bakhtawar Cadet College, Main Campus Hayat Girls College, Mirpurkhas Bahria Foundation Hyderabad and International Islamic University School participated. It was the first online event held at our school in which, due to Covid-19, other institutions were invited to engage in online collaboration. Every year, SST Public School organizes an IT exhibition to provide a digital forum for schools, colleges and universities in the region to showcase their presentations and models based on IT.

The various activities called Digital Art Competition, Online Presentations, and Online Quiz were performed, and school was grateful to all participants particularly the two International Guest Speakers, Tracey Rowley, IT Carrier USA, and Chrys Santhe Sotirious, who spared their time for this event. The participating schools gave presentations that were judged by online voting by the mentor of each school.

Agha Khan Higher Secondary School was ranked 1st, Bakhtawar Cadet College secured 2nd position and Hayat Girls College grabbed 3rd in online presentations. Bakhtawar Cadet College Nawabshah won 1st place in the digital art competition whereas Hayat Fatima Campus and Bahria College Mirpurkhas were the runners up. Agha Khan Higher Secondary took 1st place in the Quiz Competition, Bakhtawar Cadet College took 2nd position, and Hayat Fatima Campus won 3rd position. The event was a delightful balance of cooperation and rivalry between the schools and colleges of the region. Though school organized an online event like this for the very first time in which students enthusiastically participated and their efforts were commendable, it demonstrated Pakistan’s bright future. SST Public School provided them with a forum to explain, communicate, and compete in a healthy way in order to coordinate with other schools and guest speakers who shared their experiences.

Pakistan Navy Recruitment Session

SST Public School Rashidabad facilitated Pakistan Navy Recruitment group on 24th of September, 2020 for a career counseling sessionfor XII and XIII graders. Lieutenant Commander Kamran Ali from Pakistan Navy Recruitment and Selection Center Hyderabad conveyed a stimulating introduction for the understudies covering all themes going from the base necessities to qualification standards and sets of responsibilities.

The introduction covered Pakistan Navy’s nuts and bolts with an emphasis on its significance in exchange for ocean assistance, common force assistance, search and rescue operations, and fringe assurance. During the meeting, the vital significance of Pakistan’s coastline was also discussed with specific regard to China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Finally, the qualification basis for cadets and mariners was discussed, including the subject specifications for the various sections of the Pakistan Navy. Similarly, the enlistment and authorization strategy was also talked about with an emphasis on various occupations and instructive open doors within the Navy. With the intention that they could design and implement in the same way, the entire selection procedure was also elaborated to the attendees. It was a fruitful session where many of students’ questions were satisfactorily answered.

First Morning Assembly 2020

First Morning Assembly – Session 2020-21

On Monday, 21st September 2020, the very first assembly of educational year 2020-21 was held.

It was a spectacular view when SSTians emerged in corps and put up an excellent show of drill. Everyone was curious to know about the newly appointed Head-boy of the School and other prefectural board members. The formal Assembly started with ringing the Academic Bell followed by the Recitation and Translation of the Divine Verses of the Holy Quran, Hadith and thereupon the segment of National Anthem were carried out. Next, the Principal SST Public School, Air Cdr (Retd) Nayyar Qayyum Khawja was requested to come on the stage for the announcement of the Head Boy of the Academic Session 2020/21. The Principal appeared on the dais and after a touch of suspense, he announced the name of the Head Boy, Usman Ahmed (12135). Later in his address to school boys and faculty, he emphasized upon the sense of responsibility and patriotism in students towards their country and the school as well. Afterwards, the Head Boy Usman Ahmed (12135) announced the three House Captains, Raheel Manan (12061), Shazaib Memon (12024) and Sufyan Malik (12142) and continued till the last member of the board had his name announced. Finally, the oath taking ceremony was held, and thus the assembly was concluded with the proclamation of Nara e Pakistan.